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FIFA 14 iPhone iPad and Android controls guide

FIFA lands on iPhone, iPad and Android, in a new edition focuses on strategy and the development of play through an unprecedented tactical control method. We review the basic moves together allowing you to lead your team to victory.

Attention or n: keep in mind that you can return to classic mode (remote and virtual buttons) from the game menu.

How to control a player

If you want to test a player, hold your finger on it until a white circle appears around it. Then we headed sliding your finger in the desired direction.


When you have the ball, hit on another player to give a pass or slide your finger anywhere on the screen to shoot on goal.


If you're defending, click on the player carrying the ball to press and slide your finger if you sweep the opponent.

Careers in depth

For sprinting with the selected player, so you just leave your finger on the screen anywhere. It is convenient to outrun a defender or to get close to a play. Attention: to control a player while sprinting it will be necessary to steer with one finger (see How to control a player) and support other on the screen so that the athlete accelerate.


To shoot accurately, it is necessary to slide a finger from the attacker to the area where the goal. The power of the shot depends on the distance and the speed with which you move your finger. Although, if you want precision, it is preferable that your movements are brief. Finally, give effect to the shot by drawing a curved path.

Disputing the ball

To contest for possession of the ball, click on who has it at the time, when you are near one of the members of your team. You also have the option of having your players run faster to achieve stronger responses.

The outputs of the goalkeeper

To bring out the goalie, hold your finger on it until a white circle appears around it. Then we headed sliding your finger in the desired direction.

Clear the ball or pass along

You order the selected player to clear the ball by sliding a finger toward the opponent's court. If a team member is in the area, retrieve the ball.

Standing out

If you want a player to miss the mark of a champion too upset, hold your finger on it until a white circle appears around it. Then we headed sliding your finger in the desired direction.


When your players do not have the ball, the swipe of a finger across the screen in any direction will sweep the opponent.

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